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We provide you with a safe living environment, a supportive network and days filled with activities for you to be happy, to study and work, to feel needed and to fulfil your dreams.




Our aim is to create opportunities for active lives in the community for people with special psychological needs. We believe that people with such needs are valuable members of society who must be given equal opportunities to lead rich, active lives.

AS Hoolekandeteenused, a welfare services company, was founded in 2007. Since 2010 it has been working towards closing large care homes for people with special psychological needs and building smaller, cosier homes with humane living conditions to replace them. Large care homes are being closed all over Estonia for one simple reason – each and every person has the right to live in a home, rather than an institution. Although individuals with special needs often require help with everyday matters, everyone is the same in nature – we all need a home and the opportunity to spend our days productively.

To date, eleven large dormitory-type institutions have been closed down in Estonia, with one still awaiting closure. More than 1700 people have been granted modern living conditions.

In order to help our clients lead active lives, we encourage them to take part in community activities. We include the client’s loved ones, friends and colleagues and work with them to create a supportive network for the client. We value our clients’ progress and encourage them to challenge themselves. We believe that it is important to support those with special needs in organising their lives, rather than organising their lives for them.

In addition to special welfare services we offer an accommodation centre for asylum seekers.

We have units in four regions: Harju, Kesk-Lõuna, Lääne and Viru. Our Võisiku home and Vao centre are located separately.

The foundation Hea Hoog also forms part of our company. It aims to help individuals with special psychological needs find job opportunities, to create jobs, to provide sheltered employment and to sell the products its clients create.

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