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We support people with the special needs in their daily life

We provide you with a safe living environment, a supportive network and days filled with activities for you to be happy, to study and work, to feel needed and to fulfil your dreams.





Kodijärve Home

Kodijärve home is located in Kambja County in Tartumaa. The home is surrounded by lakes on three sides: Pangodi, Kivijärv and Kodijärv.  

There are five family houses at our home. The heart of every house is the shared open-plan kitchen and living room where residents can sit together, chat, watch TV and listen to the radio. There are two double bedrooms and eight single bedrooms in the house.  

Altogether 59 people reside with us: in four of the houses there are 12 residents and in one of the houses 11 residents. The residents are supported by 19 Personal Assistants and two members of catering staff. Three days a week we get visits from the home care nurse who gives us check ups and, if necessary, applies bandages.  

Some of our residents go to work in Tartu and two of our residents go to school.

It has become tradition for us to celebrate folk calendar events and national holidays every year. We celebrate Fastelavn by going sledging and have parties on Valentine's Day and at Christmas. We celebrate the birthdays of every resident and staff member. We enjoy sports and have participated in the St George's Day Run and the Blue Hepatica Run in Tartu.  

Our home is suitable for everyone who loves peace and quiet. You can hear birdsong here and go fishing. We have especially beautiful sunrises with fog over the lake and swans swimming on the lake. Come and see for yourself!


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