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We support people with the special needs in their daily life

We provide you with a safe living environment, a supportive network and days filled with activities for you to be happy, to study and work, to feel needed and to fulfil your dreams.





Tallinn Kopli Unit

Our home is located in Vasara street in Põhja-Tallinn. We live in a large two-storey apartment building with a garden. On each storey there are two apartments with a family of six living in each apartment. There are four families in the house and each resident has their own room. Each family has their own kitchen, living room and auxiliary rooms. The house also has a large garden.

Our residents are assisted and supported by nine Personal Assistants, a carer and a member of catering staff.

As our home was only finished in 2018, each resident gets to contribute to shaping the future of our home. We love the fact that our home is situated near the sea because in good weather we are able to take walks by the seaside and enjoy the beautiful nature. There is plenty to love about our home: the estate has a large garden and a greenhouse which allows us to grow ornamental plants, vegetables, herbs and other goodies.

We spend our days exercising outside, cooking, cleaning and doing other activities. We celebrate all kinds of holidays and the birthdays of our residents. Those who like to spend time with others can do so and those who would like to do independent activities can do so too, for example, going fishing. Some of us go to work – some have found jobs independently, others go to work through SA Hea Hoog.

Our home is suitable for people who want to move forwards in life and learn alongside others. It would be great if the person moving into our home was able to do simpler housekeeping tasks; we can learn the rest together.


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