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We support people with the special needs in their daily life.

We provide you with a safe living environment, a supportive network and days filled with activities for you to be happy, to study and work, to feel needed and to fulfil your dreams.



24-hour special care service for minors on the basis of a court ruling


24-hour special care service for minors on the basis of a court ruling

The secure care institution is designed for children with a severe or profound intellectual disability and/or children with an autism spectrum disorder. We create safe, family-like living conditions for the children and help prepare them to cope with life as adults.

In each home, up to six children live together and we focus on personal guidance. We create the appropriate conditions for the child to be able to be active and to plan their daily activities as they would at home. A fixed daily schedule is drawn up for the child, which helps to provide a feeling of security and clarity. Together, physical activity is undertaken outside and, where possible, also in town.

We also cooperate with Mihkli School. The school has three coping and four nursing classes, and home education is also possible. The professional and competent teaching staff are capable of creating great conditions for each and every student's development. There is a modified yard for spending leisure time actively.

We guarantee good access to medical care and to a high-quality medical service. Through a variety of therapies and rehabilitation approaches we help to improve the condition of every recipient of the service.


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