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We support people with the special needs in their daily life.

We provide you with a safe living environment, a supportive network and days filled with activities for you to be happy, to study and work, to feel needed and to fulfil your dreams.



In fulfilling our mission, we focus on the following values.

We treat ourselves and others with respect:

  • we treat every person equally, regardless of their gender and ethnic, religious, social or other affiliations;
  • we respect each person’s fundamental rights to personal freedom, personal fulfilment, privacy and a sense of security;
  • we recognise differences in thinking and behaviour, as long as they do not conflict with other people’s fundamental rights;
  • we do not accept emotional or physical violence and show courage in standing up to them;

We encourage people with special needs to live a full life:

  • we encourage our clients to be active and to participate in the community;
  • we include the client’s loved ones, friends and colleagues and work with them in order to create a supportive network for the client;
  • we value our client’s progress in coping with life and inspire them to make further efforts;
  • we help our clients organise their lives instead of organising their lives for them;

We are resourceful in our work:

  • we get to know our client’s special needs and strengths and know how to place ourselves in their shoes in order to better understand and guide them;
  • along with specialists, we look for and test working methods that help us to provide our clients with the individual service they need;
  • we work to further our knowledge and skills in order to be ready for changes in the surrounding environment;
  • we allow for mistakes if they mean that we learn to provide a better service, and we also share our experiences with others;

We are trustworthy companions:

  • we are professional, diligent and responsible in our work;
  • we value one another’s work efforts and we care about and support each other;
  • we act openly and share information with our clients, colleagues and partners in a comprehensible manner;
  • we are environmentally friendly so as to make our ecological footprint on Earth as small as possible;
  • we stand by agreements and organisational rules and do not abuse the trust placed in us.


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