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For employers

For employers

Let everyone have the opportunity to work with joy!

There is a serious labour shortage in Estonia. Meanwhile, the labour force potential among people with special needs has largely gone unused.

Many job positions include routine, low-value-added tasks that could be assigned to people who would gladly do them.

We provide various services for a number of large enterprises and small businesses, such as item packaging and assembly as well as preparation, auxiliary and maintenance works.

Our best-known partner is the Estonian Association of Wounded Fighters, with whom we designed the Blue Hepatica flower badge. We produce tens of thousands of badges every year. In recent years, we have also braided wristbands with metal plates. We plan to cooperate on more projects in the future.

As to carrying out large-scale projects, our greatest strengths are our pan-Estonian network and our ability to reorganise our work based on the client’s needs. This allows us to meet tight deadlines.

Interested in working with us? Send us an e-mail !

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