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The Hea Hoog Foundation connects companies in need of labour force with people with special needs who can provide high-quality, timely services. We advise and assist the company and the person with special needs in signing the contract and other work-related affairs. We also ensure that the person with special needs receives adequate training, counselling and instruction for the job.

We provide a wide range of services:

  • production activities that are carried out either on the company’s premises or in specially adapted rooms in our care homes (such as the production of filters and filter elements for ventilation systems);
  • item assembly and packaging (such as reflectors, fixing details);
  • cleaning services – room cleaning; territory maintenance works: grass-mowing, raking, snow clearing;
  • auxiliary works (such as sawing, chopping and packaging of wood into net bags);
  • auxiliary works in the kitchen: treatment and preparation of food products, dishwashing, table setting, cleaning;
  • garden and field works: planting and maintenance of plants; harvesting, processing, storing and preparing crops for selling; farming work;
  • making handicraft items: ceramics (mugs, trays, vases…), rugs, slippers, sauna hats, etc.

Send your requests for cooperation to .

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