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Through the years, AS Hoolekandeteenused has recognised the positive effect of an active life on people with special needs and has been helping them find work to do. A number of great experiences revealed the need for more employment among people with special needs, so a company was formed to create jobs for such people living in care homes.

Thus, the Hea Hoog Foundation was founded in April 2010. Our objective is to create and find paid, manageable jobs for people with special needs. The most important change we have implemented is separating work spaces from living spaces. We opened work centres all over Estonia. The goal was to create a sense of having a real job among employees: in order to go to work, they have to put on their clothes and leave their care home. Some of the work centres were located just 50 metres from the care homes, while others were located further away. Regardless of the distance, it was clear people’s attitude to work changed. Our foundation started off with 67 job seekers. Today, we help more than 600 people every year.

Through the years, we have established many work centres all over Estonia and found a number of acclaimed cooperation partners with whom we can offer suitable jobs to people with different abilities and interests. We provide long-term sheltered employment and support services established by the Social Insurance Board. We also provide short-term sheltered employment services established by the Estonian Unemployment Insurance Fund.

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